JoseDelEmpty 0.1

Remove all folders and subfolders without files in one simple operation (See all)

Software tools don't have to be complex and full-featured to be useful. JoseDelEmpty is proof of that. This open-source utility is actually a one-task tool, and yet a very useful one. This simple and free program examines the root folder of your choice in search of empty folders and removes them.

The program comes in a minimalistic interface with just a box for you to key in the root folder (or you can use the Browse button to locate and select it) and two filters – one to traverse system folders or not, and another one to traverse hidden folders or not. No settings, no help, nothing, but it works. Knowing how delicate these bulk operations are, the program warns you about the action it’s about to perform, somehow letting you know that no undo feature has been included.

If you agree to remove whatever empty folders the program finds on its way following your preferences (and at your own risk), you’ll be informed about the number of folders checked and how many of them have now disappeared from your drive. Because neither a preview nor a rollback/undo options are available, it would be nice to have a list (path included) of the deleted folders instead of just their total number.

This is an excellent utility that would fit perfectly in a larger file management suite of tools, or in the current file management options that come with Windows, for that matter. Be it as it may, JoseDelEmpty is one of those tiny useful tools that are very much worth having installed on our desktop.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Requires no installation
  • Shows warning messages before deleting any folders


  • Provides no information about the folders removed
  • No preview or undo features are available
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